About Chaney Aerospace

Many drone operators need more than just a remote control to fly their drone, and many more need bigger screens than a tablet to program their flights. At Chaney Aerospace, we know the difficulty of being in the field and trying to program flight paths as well as process data. That’s why we designed our ground control stations with professional drone operators in mind.

With our drone operating experience we will make sure you end up with ground control station that suites your needs.

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Who Is Chaney Aerospace

We strive to provide the drone industry with the best ground control stations on the market.

Chaney Aerospace, LLC started as an idea in college for Will Chaney. Although most of the time passed off as a joke, everything began pointing in the direction of making this idea a reality. After graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering, Mr. Chaney pursued the start of a drone business with the help of family and several friends. Since October of 2013, Chaney Aerospace rapidly progressed from tinkering with small quadcopters in a garage to designing larger multirotors. Recently, Chaney Aerospace has progressed into the market of ground control stations.
Chaney Aerospace is located in Dallas, TX.

Our Skills

UAV Experience
Ground Control Station Design
Drone Manufacturing

Meet Our Team

Will Chaney
Will ChaneyCEO/PIC
Romain Muzy
Romain MuzyCTO
George Sammy
George SammyChief Aerospace Engineer