Ranger Drone Transmitter: Full Control In Your Hands.

With a tablet that’s removable and protected, the Ranger Drone Transmitter is the best hand held ground control station available.

Transmitter and Tablet in One Unit

The Ranger Drone Transmitter fits a tablet snugly into a padded containment unit offering unparalleled protection compared to standard tablet attachments for transmitters.

  • Padded interior to protect tablet
  • Compatible with most 7″ tablets
  • Removable access panel with thumb screws
  • Attachment for telemetry and video receivers
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Aerial Surveying Made Easy

Plan your UAV’s flight course with the Ranger Drone Transmitter and fly safely with a standard transmitter built in.

Designed for Drone Operators Who Need a Handheld Experience.

Choose your transmitter type:

  • Spektrum Compatible
  • JR Compatible
  • Futaba Compatible
  • Taranis Compatible
  • DJI Compatible

Get The Ranger Drone Transmitter Now

Choose the radio that fits your equipment!

Ranger SM70

  • Spektrum Compatible
  • 6 Channel

Ranger J70

  • JR Compatible
  • 8 Channel

Ranger FA70

  • Futaba Compatible
  • 8 Channel

Ranger TS70

  • Taranis Compatible
  • 9 Channel

Ranger D370

  • Phantom 3/4 Compatible
  • Multi Channel

*Telemetry units not included with JR, Spektrum, Futaba, and Taranis compatible models.
**Tablet and carrying case can be purchased separately. Contact us for more information.