How the Skyhunter UAV Works

Plan Your Flight

Use a ground control station, tablet, or laptop to program your flight path

Launch the Skyhunter

Launch your Skyhunter FPV by throttling up and tossing it by hand

Fly Flight Path

Flip a switch and let your Skyhunter fly the programmed flight path

Land Anywhere

Belly land anywhere, no need for a runway

Collect Your Data

Connect to your on-board sensor and download the data you collected

Get the sensors you need!

With a large payload volume, operators can put any sensor made for small unmanned systems in their Skyhunter.

Obtain Aerial Data Anywhere

  • Takeoff anywhere with a simple hand launch

  • Obtain the data you need: NVDI, LiDAR, 4K video, and RGB

  • Easily programmable flights mean the Skyhunter does the flying for you

  • Land on any terrain, the Skyhunter has a Kevlar reinforced belly

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